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What makes G&L Tube the best choice for your custom tubing needs?

At G&L Tube, we can make and deliver the custom tubes according to your exact specifications. We can coil, cut, crimp and more, making the tubes you need with accuracy and consistency. And because we make our tubing custom, we serve a variety of industries, from heating elements to automotive to alternative energy and more.

We make our tubing in-house

We manufacture our products and build tooling on site, so we can be sure the product we make for you meets the highest standards. Because we’re producers, we also have an impressive raw material inventory available to you which helps us meet demanding delivery requirements.

• Integrated tool room
• High speed cutting and finishing
• Impressive inventory

We’re experts with over 40 years of experience

We have a track record of contributing to our customers success. We have a strong internal culture, combined with historical knowledge of what works when it comes to manufacturing tubes. When you choose G&L, you’re putting 40 plus years of industry knowledge to work for you, ensuring your product will be quality.

We partner with our customers in the whole process

Because we have so much experience in the industry, we’re able to offer our customers services that help them increase efficiency and lower costs. We can help our customers predict demand, forecast trends and choose reusable packaging when requested. We’re committed to consistent service and timeliness that make us a reliable partner for our customers.

• Integrated Supply Chain Partner
• Demand Forecasting
• Flexible Packaging Solutions

We’re part of a strong family of companies

In August 2019, G&L became a part of the O’Neal Industries family of companies. This partnership means two of the nation’s most respected privately owned metal product suppliers came together, and now we’re able to provide an even higher level of service and greater value than ever before.

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